Auto Replenishment

Auto-replenishment of consumables gives you a definite edge over your competitors in an incredibly competitive market

For products involving consumables and replaceable parts, auto-replenishment of supplies is a true win-win scenario for all involved. Whilst your customers experience a significant convenience and peace of mind, the solution can dramatically improve your efficiencies with much less effort. With a highly accurate estimate of the consumption, it is easy to streamline the supply needs and avoid overstocking. A timely and prompt replenishment service reduces the scope for comparison shopping by the customers and increases loyalty. These, in turn, allow for a more profitable and predictable margin on an otherwise transactional revenue stream.


Thinxtream’s Auto-replenishment solution is an advanced service that helps you address the supplies needs of your customers that do not have a complicated purchase process. The solution will provide you accurate and active intelligence on devices that are running low on supplies enabling you to offer targeted replenishment services to a large customer base.


  • A simple, yet powerful solution that has zero IT overheads – for both you and your customers
  • Actionable intelligence on consumables that helps you increase revenues and customer satisfaction
  • Visibility and insight for real-time demand forecasting up to SKU-level
  • Ability to satisfy long-tail demand
  • Minimize shopping cart abandonment and significantly improve conversion rates
  • Enables switching from a transactional relationship to continuous, long-term engagement

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