Intelligent Field Gateway

Flexible, Multi-platform Implementation

DeviceMaestro® Smart™ Field Gateway is a highly optimized implementation that can be flexibly deployed to enable IOT applications involving new, legacy or hybrid device deployments. The small footprint implementation can be embedded in and run efficiently on constrained devices. Alternately, the Field Gateway can also be installed on a network gateway. This allows for existing and legacy devices and sensors to be attached to the network gateway. The core functionality of the Field Gateway is also available as a native implementation for iOS, Android, Windows and Embedded Linux. This enables smartphones/tablets be used for device-to-cloud connectivity eliminating the need for expensive, custom hardware or infrastructure.

Edge Intelligence

DeviceMaestro Smart Field Gateway packs several powerful features to implement semi-autonomous control workflows at the edge. It supports intelligent actions and execution of stored commands at the edge based on local events and triggers. With a rich Local Services API, you can implement with ease integrations and interface with other systems within the network. It also supports execution of scheduled commands from remote server enabling an occassionally connnected model. The scalable architecture allows aggregation and management of over 1,000 devices per instance of Field Gateway.

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