Benefits of DeviceMaestro

Achieve business goals. Improve operational efficiency. Increase customer engagement.

Higher ROI

DeviceMaestro® Smart™ increases your ROI in numerous ways. A cost-effective subscription model based on number of devices managed, readiness for deployment without development, and easy support for cloud based implementation reduces your upfront costs.

Our open and scalable architecture offers significant investment protection – there is no need to change your application if your IoT strategy changes or if the number of devices managed grows, or if the types of devices managed changes. Our strong interoperability provides easy integration with your business systems.

You can thus focus on increasing efficiencies and effectiveness across the entire business value chain, reducing operational costs, improving revenues and creating new business opportunities.

Improved Collaboration

Silos are history with DeviceMaestro Smart!

We facilitate the integration of diverse devices, business applications and people. Leveraging our strong interoperability, you can extend our IoT and M2M application across functions, promoting greater collaboration in implementing your IoT/M2M strategy and business transformation initiatives.

Total Customer Experience

The ultimate goal of an effective Internet of Things strategy is to provide a richer, complete customer experience. Whether your business is product-centric or services-oriented, DeviceMaestro Smart enables you to better address your customer needs. You can implement an effective service management strategy based on the collection and analysis of operational device data.

Your ability to intelligently analyze device data will yield insights into customer usage patterns and help you refine your product or services strategy, improve your customer-focused processes, uncover newer customer needs and satisfy them ahead of your competition.